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Clean your air. Capture contaminants. Breathe better.


If you want to breathe cleaner air, you probably need a better filter.


Air filters are the foundation of all the best air cleaning systems. At M&E, we listen closely to your air quality concerns and help you select the best product for your needs and budget.

What's included with HVAC air cleaning systems?

It all depends on the system you choose. At the very least, we recommend upgrading from standard, 1" air filters to media filters. A media filter:

  • Captures more and smaller contaminants than standard filters 

  • Removes bacteria and allergens by trapping particles as small as 0.3 microns

  • Does not reduce airflow as much as typical 1" filters, thanks to its larger surface area

  • Only needs to be replaced once or twice per year

  • Includes a well-designed filter housing, which prevents air from getting around the filter

Need odor control, too? When odor reduction is a priority, we recommend an air cleaning system with a carbon filter. This product does everything the media filter does, but it also:

  • Contains activated carbon-coated filter media for better odor control

  • Neutralizes unpleasant household smells

  • Reduces ground-level ozone in your in air

  • Captures harmful bacteria and viruses

Are whole-house dehumidifiers also air cleaning systems?

Yes! Whole-house dehumidifiers dramatically reduce humidity levels inside your home. And lower humidity means:

  • Fewer airborne microbes

  • Zero serious mold growth

  • Dramatic reduction in dust mites.

Humid climate makes many homes a haven for allergens. Whole-house dehumidifiers can make your air much cleaner by turning your home into a environment that's inhospitable to dust mites and bacterial growth.



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