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Your goal is to have a cleaner and safer air quality inside your home for you and your whole family. There are a lot of allergens and irritants that can find their way into your home. Once they are inside your house, they can pose a health hazard to the people inside. It can flare up pre-existing allergies for any member of your family. It can also make it a lot more difficult to breathe easier and better inside your home.


This is one of the reasons why you need an Air Cleaning System at home. It gives you the chance to breathe easier as it captures and contains contaminants floating around in the air. Air cleaning inside your home might seem like a difficult task but we can help you address this problem. This can be as easy as having an air filter professionally installed. 


At M&E Installations, Ltd., one of our top recommendations when these things happen is to look at having a media filter installed at home in your HVAC system. Once installed, this helps your capture smaller contaminants and even traps small particles of bacteria in your system before it even enters your home. 


One added benefit you get is that airflow is not restricted. It does not add unnecessary strain on your HVAC system keeping it running at an optimal level. All while giving you and your family clean and quality breathing air inside your home. Also, maintenance of these types of air filters only requires replacement in as little as once a year. 


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