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Air quality is a problem you need to be concerned about for your sake and that of your family.


You might think that as long as you don’t see dirt floating around your home, you’re safe. But most air contaminants would be pretty small for the naked eye to see. Pollens and pet dander could be flying around inside without you even knowing about it. Humidity is another problem you can manage when you pay more attention to the air quality inside your house.


At M&E Installations, Ltd., we can help you make a thorough and professional assessment of the air quality in your home. We can help you properly identify where the irritants inside your home are coming from. The goal is to help provide you and your family clean and breathable air to keep everyone safe and healthy.


Indoor Air Quality or IAQ can be improved with a few solutions such as an air cleaning system for your home. We will help you choose and understand the different filters you might need for your HVAC system. If our assessment results in high moisture levels around your house, a dehumidifier could be a great addition to your air quality system at home. 


You have to remember that each home is different. What works for others will not necessarily give you the same results. This is the reason why consulting professionals to get a customized air quality system is your best bet. A thorough assessment of your home while considering your air quality concerns can help you enjoy a system that will give your family safety and comfort in the air that they breathe.


If you are ready to enjoy clean air inside your home, give us a call now at 9987 3324 and we can book that appointment.




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