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Keeping you cool and comfortable is our top priority! We make air conditioning replacement a breeze.


We will make sure you will get nothing short of an affordable, reliable, and durable air conditioning system for your home. Always keeping in mind your comfort and savings at the same time. Every project is unique to us, and we work with our customers to thoroughly assess and meet their needs with the quality work we provide. 


At M & E Installations Limited, we are dedicated to ensuring that your home has the right air conditioner size and type. Every installation project is followed by extensive quality control undertaken by our experienced technicians. Every project is covered with a satisfaction and service warranty thus giving you peace of mind.

When is it time for an AC replacement?

The age of the air conditioning system is the top of mind answer, however, if your relatively new AC breaks down and you're facing high repair costs, it's time to replace it. Here are other situations you might be facing and should make you consider replacing your AC:

  • Your AC is more than 12 years old. Your AC system's warranty has expired, and parts and components start wearing out.

  • You want an energy-efficient AC system. Newer appliances consume much less energy than old ones. A new AC system will almost always have a higher SEER (indicative of higher efficiency) than your old one and will save you a lot on electricity costs. 

  • Your AC might still be using the old freon. If you have an AC system built before 2010, it might use an obsolete refrigerant. You have to consider that this product is no longer produced in Europe or imported to Malta. In cases of freon leak, system replacement is the most feasible option.

  • Your AC no longer provides comfort cooling. Constant complaints, and hot spots mean your air conditioner is the wrong size for your home.

These are pretty common problems, and our experts will ensure your next system is the right size, reliable, and is there for the long haul!




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