Why choose HVAC when you can have Smart HVAC?


Gone are the days where the design and installation were left in the hands of the homeowners. Today you can set the temperature of the room, the humidity, and the volume of clean and fresh air that you desire with the press of one button.  The good news is that you can also control everything individually from home or anywhere around the world from the palm of your hand.   

Our expertise lies in the fact that we are passionate about achieving the healthiest air quality in your home, understanding your needs and wants. Carefully we select the design and innovative systems and equipment to perform for many years the comfort at your home.  Sustainability, efficiency and safety are of the utmost importance as we always use the latest technology with little impact to the environment.  The systems are very efficient and yet invisible making it the first choice for architects and designers.  

All of these services are connected with a smart control system which controls the most important elements and parametres in your home which includes temperature, humidity, high oxygen levels and toxic levels.  


From design to installation, we've got your HVAC system covered!

  • If you are living in a dated home, chances are your HVAC system needs an overhaul. If you are building a new one, you need to manage it from design to installation. Leave this to us!

  • We are very conscious of the running costs of a home and we focus on passive cooling to reduce the minimum cooling and heating needs and from past experience, we make better and better designs.

  • Our work starts with an on-site HVAC system design and consulting service to deliver what is perfect for your home.  We work closely with homeowners to understand their heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and energy efficiency challenges.   



Why M&E Installations Ltd is the best choice

  • M&E Installations Ltd is driven by a desire to help you live in comfort with your HVAC needs. Our  years of experience coupled with a dedicated and talented team of people will help us deliver on that promise. 

  • Our goal is to take your ideas and bring them to life. If you are building your home from the ground up, we will be with you every step of the way to make sure you have what you need to make your family safe and comfortable. 

  • If you need additional HVAC systems for your home, we will thoroughly make an assessment to provide you options on how to best bring your ideas into life.

Why choose M&E Ltd. for your needs

  • Professionals making a thorough assessment of your needs

  • Recommendations based on years of experience

  • Your safety and comfort on top of mind


Proper HVAC design is hard to come by. We're here to change that.


Whether you're building your dream home from the ground up, taking on a renovation project, or rethinking your existing system design, we can help you take care of all your HVAC needs. 

At M&E Installations, Ltd., we have years of expertise anchored on a professional group of people with combined experience spanning decades. Our technicians and engineers are some of the best in the country.

This gives us the ability to deliver high-quality work we can vouch for years to come. We are your partners in all your HVAC needs. Call us now to find out more.



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