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M & E Installations Limited delivers the smartest HVAC system installations and replacement service in Malta! That's our commitment. 

When it comes to HVAC, installation, quality and efficiency matter - a lot. At M & E Installations Limited, we perform rigorous analysis before, during, and after every HVAC system replacement. And that results in long-lasting and efficient cooling systems that get the job done.


Our HVAC installation service also includes a performance warranty for everything that might go wrong. But chances are the installation is seamless, and you'll never have to worry about it.

These sets M & E Installations Limited's HVAC installations and replacements apart from the others:

Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning, from the processes itself - it already involves three separate but interconnected requirements. 


HVAC replacement services are not straightforward. To do it right, it requires extensive planning and pre-installation legwork. 


M&E Installations Limited helps you ensure that you avoid an HVAC system installation that underperforms. That's why our boiler and air conditioner replacement services include:


  • Extensive calculations to ensure correct equipment size in every zone

  • Thorough ductwork analysis for proper assessment of airflow limitations, the impact of duct infrastructure on system performance, and the possible improvements on efficiency and comfort

  • Proactive suggestion on other alternate combinations of equipment and boiler, in addition to the standard options

  • We conduct a post-installation inspection to ensure everything's working properly - from your boiler, ductwork, and air conditioners

  • Our top-to-bottom quality control audit covers every aspect of the HVAC system operation




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