HVAC consulting and design keeps your home comfortable

M&E Installations, Ltd provides unrivaled consulting services coupled with design ideas to help integrate your HVAC into your family's comfort and safety.

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Why choose M&E Ltd. for your heating needs?

Our company has been in the industry for years and our team has combined expertise spanning decades of quality service to customers. This is the reason why we can always assure you of quality workmanship for any type of job you require from us. Your HVAC needs are in good hands. Some of the things we look at are the following:

  • We use sound science whenever we come in to make suggestions on the system you need. We leave the guesswork to amateurs. As a professional company, we know that every customer’s needs are unique and that your requirement different from others. This is the reason we put such high regard on our assessment stage prior to recommendation and installation.

  • Our service is our warranty. Our people are highly-trained professionals giving you peace of mind whenever we start on a worksite. Our team is composed of multi-talented people who have years of experience in all aspects of HVAC. 

  • Post-project audit. After every project, we send out a senior team member after every project to ensure that the quality of work is above standard. Our goal is to add another layer of quality audit to ensure you do not encounter problems in the future.

Regular wear and tear are to be expected that is why M&E Ltd. also offers system repair services for your heating needs. Know that our focus is on long-term solutions to your problems. This assures you of uninterrupted heating at home for you and your family. It is for this reason that we focus on the following when we have repair jobs:


  • Thorough analysis. We understand that to create long-term and meaningful solutions, we have to understand the problem. This is why we conduct a thorough assessment of your heating issue to make sure we get to the root cause of your concern.

  • Safety is paramount. We understand the intricacies of working with a heating system. There are chemicals involved, whether directly or as a by-product which can be harmful to your family. This is why we make it a part of our process to check your system for combustion and leaks.

  • We work with your budget. We always work your you when it comes to costs. Our suggestions on repairs will be a balance of what you need and what your budget can cover.

"M&E Ltd. helped me and my family stay safe and comfortable inside our home!"

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Why choose M&E Ltd. for your needs?

  • Professionals making a thorough assessment of your needs.

  • Recommendations based on years of experience.

  • Your family's safety and comfort on top of mind.

  • Quick turn around on requests especially when it comes to immediate repairs at home.

  • Excellent customer care program to help you even after being serviced.

How to reach out to us

You can pick up your phone and reach us at  27019489.

Send us an email at sales@meinstallations.com



Proper HVAC design is hard to come by. We're here to change that.


Whether you're building your dream home from the ground up, taking on a renovation project, or rethinking your existing system design, we can help you take care of all your HVAC needs. 

At M&E Installations, Ltd., we have years of expertise anchored on a professional group of people with combined experience spanning decades. Our technicians and engineers are some of the best in the country.

This gives us the ability to deliver high-quality work we can vouch for years to come. We are your partners in all your HVAC needs. Call us now to find out more.



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