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Your whole plumbing system can be at a complete standstill when your connection suffers a clogged drain. The problem is that when you choose to do it yourself, you might not have the necessary types of equipment to do the job right. And when you choose to do it yourself, you could end up doing more harm than good. 

Drain cleaning is one of the professional services we offer in M&E Installations, Ltd. More than installation, we can also help you maintain the plumbing around your house. One blocked drainage in your home can impede your whole family’s daily routine. Especially if you only have one bathroom for the whole family.

Drain cleaning might not seem important until you have a slow-moving drain or a backed-up toilet. The smell can start to spread and even linger around your home. Trying to use a completely blocked drain will push water back and could even cause water damage in your home. Our services go way more than just store-bought chemicals which could lead to pipe corrosion.


Drain cleaning is not as simple as going in and pouring different types of chemicals or forcing obstructions out your drainage. Assessment is still the first step in order for us to know how to fix the problem. We take a look and even list drains according to their cleanout location. More than that, the length, diameter, as well as type of piping is also taken into consideration.


With these in mind, our professional team in M&E Installations, Ltd., then looks at the best types of equipment to be used depending on the pipe. There are a lot of reasons why you would need some drain cleaning. Build up of either soap or even hair are some of the most common factors. Flushing non-biodegradable solids with oils and grease can lead to blockage due to congealed fats.


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