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Why install an ERV? Because you enjoy fresher, healthier indoor air all year round. That's why!

At M&E, our team analyzes your home and your HVAC system to help you select the right product. Then we deliver Atlanta's highest quality, fully audited ERV installation.


In newer, airtight homes or older homes with structural energy efficiency upgrades, an ERV provides the following benefits:

  • Constant low-level ventilation since the home is too tight to ventilate on its own

  • Removal of airborne contaminants, like VOCs, that accumulate inside your home

  • Better management of odors, humidity, and allergens

  • Compliance with ventilation-specific building codes

For older, draftier, and "leakier" homes, an ERV can still improve air quality all year round! Here's how:

  • Trading infiltration of unfiltered, dirty air for ventilation with filtered, cleaner air

  • Reducing humidity from the air used for ventilation

  • Control over ventilation - you're not stuck with your home's "natural" infiltration

  • Lower cost compared to positive pressure systems that use your blower fan




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