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Are you having trouble with a flooded basement? Medicanes can happen which can cause massive flooding that could take time to subside. Even a broken pipe in the basement is enough to cause you a lot of headaches. How can you ever take the water out of your basement once it starts to flood and seep in all corners of the room?


This is where a sump pump can come in and help you manage the water in your basement. At M&E Installations, Ltd., we can help you professionally install this system to protect your home from huge repair and renovation costs for basement water. This is important because once your basement is compromised, the whole structure of your property becomes questionable.


The primary role of a sump pump is to remove and pump out water from your basement and bring it outside your home into a drainage area. This system is usually underground equipped with valves that automatically detect a rise in water in your basement. Once that happens, the system will automatically go to work.


More than these submersible sump pumps, there are also pedestal types where the pump and the motor are separate from each other. Though this can be a bit louder than submersible types, this could last a bit longer and maintenance is fairly easy. Knowing which one to get can be a tough decision but our experts can guide you through in choosing the perfect one based on your need.


We can help you choose the right type of sump pump based on the material you want it to be, the horsepower it needs to have to do the job right, as well as the size of the pump itself. We will also take a look at your basement to assess how the installation of the pump will be done. The drainage will also be important to make sure the hoses do the job right.


A professionally installed sump pump can also help you manage humidity levels at home keeping mildew and even mold at bay. This also protects your basement and your home from other moisture-related concerns such as insects drawn to stagnant and dirty water.


Give us a call now at 9987 3324 and our experts will schedule a visit and help you get your sump pump professionally installed.




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