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Zap harmful microbes and purify indoor air


The inside of your air conditioner stays wet all summer long. It's the perfect environment for microbes of all sorts to grow, live and prosper.


Unless you zap them into oblivion with a UV light.


At M&E, we can help you select the right UV light for your HVAC system, install it, and help you keep your indoor air clean.

Why use a germicidal UV light system at all?

HVAC UV lamps target microbial growth on your AC’s indoor coil by:

  • Disinfecting the coil by bathing it in UV light, 24/7

  • Destroying biological contaminants before they enter your indoor air

  • Minimizing the circulation of harmful microbes that would otherwise be in your air

  • Getting rid of existing microbial growth and preventing additional growth

In conjunction with other measures to improve indoor air quality, a UV light can be a powerful tool. We like to use them when:

  • Homeowners already have a media filter or HEPA system installed inside their ductwork

  • Ducts are well sealed to minimize the entry of contaminants

  • Ducts have already been cleaned (if needed) using a professional service

These are the 3 steps to rock solid indoor air quality

  1. Seal everything. By sealing your air ducts and air sealing your home, you minimize the particulate matter that enters your HVAC system. A cleaner HVAC system is less subject to bacterial growth.

  2. Upgrade to a media filter. These filters have more       surface area than standard 1" filters. They capture more contaminants and smaller contaminants, which helps keep you AC coil clean.

  3. I-nstall UV lights. With a germicidal UV light system, you bathe the wet AC coil in bacteria-destroying light 24 hours per day.



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