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Your water heater is usually not something you worry too much about. It has a simple job to do and it does it out of sight. You do not see it every day so you tend to forget it’s even there. That is unless it breaks down and you are left to shower with ice-cold water. Only then will you start to remember that your water heater needs some much-needed maintenance and attention.


You need a water heater to consistently deliver hot water throughout your home. At M&E Installations, Ltd., our goal is to provide you with continuous hot water in your home. Our team of experts will make sure that everything is done perfectly right from the beginning. This minimizes the need for expensive and time-consuming back jobs.


Working with professionals when it comes to your water heater services gives you the convenience of having continuous hot water at any time of the day. Not only that, you get accurate water temperature to make sure you enjoy your hot water at home. You do not want to have to keep adjusting the temperature just to keep it right the whole time.


Energy efficiency is also one of the important things we keep in mind when we install your water heater. We do not want our customers to spend a fortune just to have access to hot water at home. One of the things that help you manage your electricity bill is on-demand heating. This lessens standby losses resulting in huge savings.


If you are ready to have a professional company take the lead with your water heater needs, call us now at 9987 3324 to book an appointment. We will walk you through the whole installation process including all the electrical and plumbing needs for the job.




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