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Our whole home energy assessment combines comprehensive comfort and efficiency analyses with an action-ready prescription plan - all based on principles of building science.

We help you prioritize changes that will make your home more energy efficient. The result? Optimal comfort and reduced energy consumption.

A home energy audit begins with an all-out "doctor's physical" on your home. Our team models energy consumption based on your utility bills and analyzes air leakage, insulation levels, and HVAC performance. This isn't just any old energy assessment - it's far more comprehensive. Here's what's included:

  • Blower door test to discover how often the air in your home replaces itself

  • Flow-hood test to measure the airflow distributed by your ductwork (when required)

  • Thermal test to locate air leaks and inadequate insulation

  • Building airflow standard test to measure ventilation in your home

  • Combustion safety testing to find existing or potential carbon monoxide hazards

After taking those measurements, we report our findings in a comprehensive prescription plan. The plan provides a prioritized list of modifications for improved comfort and energy efficiency. Recommendations might include:

  • Sealing large air leaks to save energy and improve comfort

  • Taking steps to improve conditions in your crawlspace

  • HVAC modifications that reduce energy consumption

  • Adding insulation where it's missing or failing

  • Upgrading air filtration to improve indoor air quality




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